Tuesday, November 15, 2016


It's not that easy to pen down what you wish to. And it's been really long that I did so-to be brutally honest, to muster the courage to look inside myself and question myself till I crumble into a heap of words. 
Though I have been silent on paper, inside the storm has always remained, though of a different kind.

Today I am a father. The way I look at the world has changed, the way I feel about the people around me has changed. Today I want the world to be kinder, to be calmer, to be more beautiful than it always has been as today I dream not for myself but for those simple joys that would make not me but 'us' happier. I keep an eye on the tomorrow, forget tomorrow, on the next hour and how it is going to unfold for my family. Today I live less for what I am and more for who I have become.


Love is an ever-changing phenomenon. It changes and changes the meaning of everything it touches in the due course-a touch, a kiss, a caress, physical intimacy, an overwhelm, a soft whisper, everything evolves and their evolution is governed by love and the path it takes. And if its on the right course everything I just mentioned turns into something so valuable that you protect with your life.Yes, even a touch.


I wish people could read more. I wish people could, for a few moments, stop living in the world that's out there and live in the pages of a book. I wish people could understand that the possibilities arise from imagination, from a dream, from a stray strand of thought, from words that sometimes are left unspoken but come alive on the pages of a book.