Monday, December 26, 2016


If there's anything that I have learned from Photography then it is this-it's tough! And on the streets you either get lucky or you get nothing. It slowly is becoming increasingly difficult for me to find a subject to shoot. Or is it just that I have lost the knack of finding one. But every time I go out there, my camera hanging by my shoulder, it never matters what I get or what I miss. Yes, it sometimes gets on my nerves when I return home after hours of walking and getting not even a single decent shot but it's the search for the subject, it's those few hours for which you stop looking and start watching are the hours when you learn the most.
Today (24th December) was one of those days when I spent almost 5 hours and got nothing. I am tired, frustrated, and am trying to convince myself to not to go back to those places ever again,the places that would remind me of my failure. 
 This probably would be the only decent shot I got.


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